A year with HTC One M7

More or less a year, a bit over I think. Still around a year.

And it’s so far the best phone I’ve had. It’s been so spot on the entire time. Sure, it can get a bit on the hot side at times but mine have never ever overheated or given me ANY problems from that.

It have never crashed, unless you count the few times it crashed over a Chrome (sharing in landscape caused mega crash) which you of course had to test.

And, NO: I’ve never ever had the pink tint camera problem. Which btw is due to (in many case) a faulty camera module, so if you have that: don’t hesitate to contact HTC support to have it repaired.

Yes, it got pretty good battery life if you know how to handle it. But, that is true with any phone, so it’s not like One M7 is trickier than others.

My M7 does without much problem around a day (24 hrs) on a single charge, with the new Extreme Power saver mode introduced in Sense 6 it can actually do days.

Is it still worth to get the M7? my money can’t cover M8
Yes, I see that it is. Or take a look at the new One Mini 2 or the Desire 816.

 In the end it’s a VERY VERY good phone.