How the Droider phone is set up

Or phones even, but since I tend to use the same basic setup where they pretty much only change apps on them: call it Droider Phone Setup

Some people think that I got some secret ways of doing this since I tend to get VERY good battery life. But, I actually don’t. Ok: I follow my “rules” on it but that’s about it.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Don’t make a complicated mess out of it. But, sure: it could be a bit fun to play around with various settings. But, keep it simple. And stupid. I can set up my phone 02:43 after beers AND whisky (wine with food).

Around updates
I tend to backup what I need and do a factory reset, haven’t done one after the Sense 6 update on the M7 yet. But, at some point I will. Just to keep it nice and clean.

Brightness ALWAYS 100%, since One M7 got such a gorgeous display and I want to see it. Yes, that IS the reason. And, I have an idea that displays works “better” when you just set it and forget it. NO “auto”.

Mobile data
Is pretty much always on for me, but it happens that I turn it off.

Is always on, but same as mobile data: if I really really don’t need it. I turn it off.

Always on

Mail checks
Regular mail is every 15th minute I think. With gmail and that uses push.

Is always off, unless I need it. And then I turn it off again

Always off, unless I need it. Which is rare to say the least.

No antivirus etc, as I avoid installing apps from outside Play Store. I’m a little careful, I don’t install too many apps. I do culling sessions where I just go “that I haven’t used in 2 weeks. GONE”