Fonts for Sense 6

Now people finally can customize Sense with fonts.

At first there’s 3 different fonts available. But, since it uses FlipFonts (which have been used/use on samsungs), there’s fonts to download. From Play store to sites all over the net.

So, how does it work? a FlipFont is simply an APK-file which contains a font (often a TrueTypeFont aka TTF), which you simply install and then when you go to Settings > Display, Gestures & buttons > Font style, and simply select the font you’ve installed.

You can’t find the FlipFont you want? but have the font on your computer? Then you can use Font Style Maker for FlipFont that simply lets you convert a TTF to a FlipFont font pack APK. If you open your TTF from Dropbox you can select to open the font maker. Easy. Then just install the apk and you’re ready to go!