Just when will I get Sense 6 on my One M7?

You that ask just when you will get Sense 6 for your One M7.

The best answer I can give you is: You get it when you get it. And, assume Northern parts of Europe first followed by UK/FR/etc some time after if this rollout mirrors the previous ones. Other countries/regions (per CID) some time after. Normally to unlocked devices it can take up to 45 days to reach most phones.

What’s said is: “from the end of May”. It have already started in North America a bit early, but that is a different market than Europe/etc.



HTC Canada

Those the country/region specific pages that I’ve found so far. Will of course add more if I’ll find any.

But: if you have a network branded phone, update will have to be adapted by the network and that can be a rather time consuming task. So, how do you know that it’s a network phone? If you check your CID, and it doesn’t start with HTC__ than you might have a network branded device. If you have a bunch of 1’s as CID, that means that it’s SuperCID.

I will of course post more news about the second I know, either here or on Droider facebook.