Four months with Chromecast

I have to say that I was a bit sceptical to it at first “device that pretty much just handles Youtube and Netflix? Why?”

And, despite it was very easy to set up and learn how to use it, I still saw it as some kind of an oddity. A bit of a Gadget, a Toy. But, then Google started to open it up with the SDK (software development kit) for it. And, when I got back on Netflix things started to make a little more sense. Now it’s just a part of my everyday, it’s just there to be used when I’m cooking or just don’t want to see things on a 24″ or 7″ but on a larger tv instead.

With the addition of ¬†Chromecast support to the Beta version of the Swedish tv online tv, it’s just getting better and better. It’s My tv pretty much anywhere I want it, and I can transform any regular flat screen tv to a Media device just like my tablet (in a way).

So, in short: Me Like!