How to mess up a Google Music Premium subscription

This you have to be a bit “talented” to do. This is how to NOT do it.

Anyhow, lets get started on this fun little story. Google Music got introduced here in Sweden like March 15-17 or something, and since you got a 30 days free Premium I decided to just go with it. Knowing that it would start to cost from April 17. But, it didn’t work.

SInce I had just ADDED cards to pay with in Google Wallet when I got a new one, so I had two older cards that’s of course not valid to pay with. You can start to guess just where it went wrong.

Yes, somehow it managed to use the wrong card for it. Most likely my fault. OR: I was connected with a VPN to country outside Sweden where my current card (MasterCard) isn’t “valid” or something and it just used the next card (VIsa).

This all dawned on me when I checked all the g-mail mail folders and saw the rejected payment. I don’t check those too often  I can tell you.

So, I cancelled the subscription with my old card (and logged into google wallet and deleted all the old cards to prevent this from happening again). Got a new subscription rolling and everything. Still I couldn’t access the music I should be able to access on my phone with google play music, on computer it would just fine.

So, how to fix that? I figured out that I had to more or less reset the play music app and that did the trick. Just: Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Music, where I cleared anything I could. Opened up Play Music again and now it worked. Finally.

Droider: I mess up so YOU don’t have to.