Dropbox releasing new apps

Yes, Dropbox steps outside their cloud storage app and delivers two new apps. One of them earlier this month tho, but that was hard to miss.

We’ll start with the gallery type app first.



2014-04-27 12.33.47Which is a simple timeline type of gallery, you with HTC phones will recognise it since it’s a bit similar to what sense 4 and above have been when it comes to gallery.

It’s a very very simple gallery that more or less just lets you have a timeline of your photos, AND: it makes a backup of your current photos to dropbox (a folder called “Camera uploads”), this you can’t get around. It simply backs everything up the first time you start the app.  And you can’t do much about it, besides deciding when to do it (unlimited, limited or on charger only).

It doesn’t do much but the few things it does, it does it pretty well. See it as a gallery/backup app and you’re not too far off.

I kinda liked that a timeline ruler at the bottom of it where you can easy just swipe to where you want to be.



This you don’t have to work at NASA to understand what it does, it’s simply a Mailbox app. Right now it’s limited to Gmail (called Google here) and iCloud (apple). It uses (of course) Dropbox to sync your settings/etc in it between your different devices.

I found it: confusing and backwards, even compared to the lackluster stock mail app on my Nexus 7 2013.  You do things with the mail by swiping to the left or right in different increments. Like: to move to “Archive”, you swipe to the right until you see a green stripe with a check icon on it. To delete it you just keep going until you see a red stripe with an X on it.  When you swipe to the left you have options of adding it to Later (yellow stripe with a clock) or LIsts (brown with a list icon).

Sure, it’s a bit clever:  but, in a way it repeats the bad things with the stock android mail app that you have to handle EACH mail, you simply can’t “select all”. You can actually swipe more than one at at time if you use more than one finger, but it gets a BIT hit/miss. I managed to select the wrong mails the times when I tried it. So, Nope: sorry, I will not use this one. Some people will like it instead of Gmail, or that they can use their iCloud mail in it. Might be settings and features in it that I haven’t covered now, but: I just have no need for it. Not with Sense 5.5 stock mail app being so much better.