Droider rant of the Week – April 27

There’s various things that just gets me to just sigh. I will restart my Rant or Moan series of posts, and do this on Sundays.

We’ll start with the most stupid first:

Oneplus One and the “smash the past” campaign. So, you smash a working $600 phone to get the 16GB variant of a $300 without first being selected (which the rules say).

To me that is stupid on scale that have to be invented first. I get that some might not like their phone, but: to smash a HTC One M7 just so that you can buy a Oneplus One for $1. That’s stupid. You can SELL the m7 for that, of course if it works, which it have to do for the smashthepast thing as well.  At least wait to see if you’re selected BEFORE you smash it. It’s just. I can’t even find words that properly describes that I think about this.

It’s a cheap PR stunt as well, and considered that there’s just 100 spots for this: don’t expect you will be selected and I’m guessing that there can’t be 100 from just one continent either. So: your chances are pretty slim.

What I think of the Oneplus One phone? Sure, it looks pretty decent. Not that I think that it will be “just” $300 when it’s released past the “invite only to buy” phase it’s in now. It might be, but then I wonder just what they will make their money from: since just the parts aren’t that far from it’s price. Or new backs will be $80 a piece.  Not being available for purchase just anywhere yet limits it a LOT. Phone looks ok, company: cheap pr stunts galore.

Bye bye Nokia Mobile! MIcrosoft finalized their purchase of Nokia Mobile Oy this week, and is now called Microsoft Mobile Oy (Oy is Finnish for “Inc” or similar). Nokia as a company is still around, but they’re called Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN). Microsoft Mobile right now seems to be using Nokia as the brand for it for now, we’ll see what happens in the future.