Problems with using “hotword detection” for google voice search?

As “I can’t get it to show google voice search as I did before”. With a newer google voice search update (recently) it got harder to trigger “ok google” when you’re in either Google Now or in Google Now Launcher.

Tried it on my One M7 and Nexus 7 2013 and both had difficulties with triggering “ok google” and by that starting a voice search. Almost had to yell at my M7 to get to trigger it, a bit easier on my N7 but I still had to say it much louder than before.

But, the fix for it easy pretty simple. At least this works for me, and when you do this: you do it on all your other devices with the same google account.  At least I don’t have to talk as loud as before the “fix”, but you can’t be too far away from the device for it to work.

AND! Make sure that you have the offline files needed for it, since it will never ever work without.

Screenshot_2014-04-05-17-02-40On One M7
Settings > Language & Keyboard > Voice Search > Personalized recognition, tick it

On Nexus 7 2013 (Or I assume any Nexus device)
Settings > Language & Input > Voice Search > Personalized recognition, tick it