Know your consumer laws when you get a phone

I’ve seen this a LOT over the years. And will concentrate on the European market, if someone got good knowledge of the american/asian/etc markets: do let me know.

Basically this:

Seller got legal obligations around your purchase, pure and simple. If you want a refund, it’s Seller you turn to. With Seller I mean: store/place/site/network you bought it from. The place that got your money in exchange for a product. A seller in the EU can repair (or attempt) to repair your device a set number of times, assuming it’s the same problem. In Sweden it’s TWO times, after that you don’t have to accept any more repair attempts.

Seller doesn’t have to turn to maker in order to replace your phone, if it’s new and have a defect straight out of the box. In the UK and other places: push for replacement on the spot as seller inside the UK have to prove within the 6 months of your purchase that they didn’t sell you the product with the defect/problem present.

It’s ALWAYS between you and the Seller if you’re not happy with the product, if it’s not what the seller sold it as etc etc.

This a site about UK consumer laws says

When you buy goods it means you’ve entered into a contract with the seller of these goods.

LEARN your consumer laws! 

This is not only for phone of course, but anything that you buy.

Help me! I’m looking for more sites like this that covers more European (and other) countries. Let me know if you can help.

So, how do you get help?

Pages below gets you a starting point if you need help in Uk and Sweden. There’s similar pages for other EU countries as well, just google it and you’ll find it.

UK Sale of goods act

Swedish Konsumentverket

Allmäna Reklamationsnämnden (complains around a purchase in Sweden)