Chrome doing strange things in Sense 5.5

This is really two separate issues that kinda bothered me a bit.

Thought at first that it was introduced together with 4.4.2 but that I just didn’t notice it until a bit later. This was on my Swedish One with 4.4.2 and the very latest Chrome update.

So, what problems are you talking about?

1. Chrome in landscape mode, you want to share something: this causes the phone to crash and crash HARD. Had to soft reset once since it created too many crash reports. Fun. NOT.

2. When you get a call (or made a call), sometimes/rarely/often it went straight on speaker. Which is mildly irritating, at least it was for me, since I didn’t saw it too often.

So, how do you fix it? This gotta be a 4.4.2 bug by htc right?

Actually it turns out that it’s not that, since I’ve heard about the speakerphone issue on 4.3 as well. So, can’t be “Just” 4.4.2 causing it.

Saw a tip on the HTC UK fb yesterday about it being a bug in the recent Chrome updates, so I simply tried unínstalling Chrome updates and restarted my phone.

That fixed it, now it doesn’t automatically turn on speakerphone unless I tap the speakerphone icon and I can share in landscape mode. Just make sure that you don’t have apps to auto update in the Play store app.

A guess is that there’s something in Sense 5.5 (or other software parts on the HTC One) that doesn’t like the newer Chrome updates (or newer Chrome not liking Sense 5.5/etc) , not sure what it is though.

Alternative ways:
Disable Chrome, and install Chrome Beta. This apparently works, haven’t tested it myself yet.