HTC goes One better

I had the HTC One previously and loved it, it was the best phone I had ever owned. When the One Max was announced I knew immediately that I wanted one. I take and edit a lot of photos on my phone and often got frustrated at the size of the screen for viewing and editing…

While some people moaned that the 5.9inch screen would be just TOO big, I was relishing the thought of using it. I wasn’t disappointed! Within 2 hours of powering it on I was hooked and when I picked up the One to Bluetooth some files across I realised I was already used to the size of it. The build quality is as premium as I have come to expect from HTC and the attention to detail on the One Max is second to none.

Though the One Max has less pixels per inch than the original 4.7 inch HTC One, it is hard to tell, everything displayed on the One Max screen is beautifully crisp. I like to show family and friends images taken with my Dslr on it and they look amazing. Videos are also a joy to watch on it and I have found myself using Youtube a lot more lately because of it. The dual front speakers and ‘Boomsound’ are even louder than on the One and are way louder than on my laptop.

Talking of which, my laptop use has declined since I got the One Max as it can do everything my laptop can do but is obviously a lot more mobile and despite its size still fits in my hand comfortably.  Websites are easier to view and social media is a joy with the large screen too. I purchased the official HTC Stylus as well and use that to type quite often, it also comes in handy for photo edits where I need a precise point to ‘draw’ an effect on a picture.

One feature of the One Max that has drawn a lot of attention is the fingerprint scanner. In my opinion it is located in the right place in regards to how I hold the phone. It was easy to set up and is easy to use, the only time it doesn’t read a scan is if my finger isn’t in the right position, 99% of the time it works first time. I have it set up to read both my index fingers to unlock and the middle finger on my left hand to start up the camera and am more than satisfied with it.

The camera, though without OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) is on a par with the Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One and I have had no issues with it, it does what I need it to do and when paired with the third party apps I use to edit, makes great creative images. Zoe’s and Video Highlight are much improved in Sense 5.5 and now allow you to set a longer time and add your own music as a soundtrack.

HTC have put a 3300mah battery in the Max and it will last me all day long, I don’t have to worry about finding a plug for my charger anymore, I can get 8+ hours screen on time out of it! All that from a large screened phone powerful enough to run any app or game with no lag!

All in all, the One Max is every bit as great as the One but suits me and my usage even better as it does it all on a larger scale. Though I appreciate it won’t be for everyone I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a larger device.

About the poster
Craig Fish is a photographer from Scotland, take a look at his PAGE.