A look at: Microsoft Wedge mobile Bluetooth keyboard

It actually doesn’t got “Bluetooth” in the name, but it’s kinda obvious by the Bluetooth symbol on the box.

So, what is it?

It’s a mobile bluetooth keyboard in micro format that’s made primarily for windows 7/8 but that works just nicely with Android as well, the windows specific keys will of course not work on Android but that’s kinda expected.

How does the size feel on it?

It’s a rather small and light keyboard, which it’s of course supposed to be. It stays pretty nicely where you want it to be despite the lightness of it. The cover/lid for it also double as a stand for tablet being used with it, which is kinda smart. The lid/cover is kinda heavy though, but makes the it a rather sturdy stand.

So, does it work?

Yes, it works just nicely against my Nexus 7 2013. It was just to turn it on, and search for it from the N7.

What keys works on it?

The regular letters of course work since it would be a little silly otherwise.

  • Tab, caps lock, shift, ctrl, alt, Alt gr.
  • Arrow keys
  • Menu key, gives you a Menu (surprise surprise)
  • Home, End, Pg Up, Pg Dn, Del, Backspace, Enter (again: surprise)
  • Esc cancel apps and such, a pretty good function on that key. Quickly became the quick way of closing things when using this keyboard.
  • Play/pause works once you have a music/media player open.
  • Vol up/Vol down handles volume up/down

What doesn’t work (on Android)

  • Mute, which was a bit of a surprise.
  • Fn button, since the Function buttons themselves does nothing
  • Search, Share, Devices and Settings. The four buttons between Vol up and PrtScn.

Can I use it as a backup keyboard for my computer?

Yes, of course and on windows 7/8 you will of course have all keys working on it. it’s a bit small at times but if you got nothing else it will do just fine. It’s actually not that bad to type on, the keys feels actually pretty good, it just kinda small. But, the more I use it the better I can type on it which I assume tells that it’s a good keyboard just smaller than a regular keyboard.

More to come

WIll use it a bit more and do a second post on it.