First look at: Google Chromecast

I know that it’s not new, but it’s still not that available in Europe. But, I will do a little review on it.


A little little box with just the things need for it, the hdmi-extender is a very nice touch in case the hdmi parts on your tv restricts the chromecast from being used there. Charger and such are standard things.


I was amazed just how simple the setup was, just connected it to my tv and powered it up while installing the chromecast app on my Nexus 7. Then it was just to follow the guide, and simply wait while it downloaded updates to it. After that I installed the Chromecast extension for Chrome on computer, got that to run without really thinking.


With Chromecast you need an app (or browser extension) that can “cast” to it (google speak for “stream”), this means that you can’t in a simple way show your own content on it (music/photos/videos/etc). Sure, you can cast from Play music but it will not cast from local content which was a bit of a let-down (esp since I’m swedish and we can’t buy music from google yet).

TV Queue

This was a pretty cool feature, that you from several devices can add to a TV queue as long as they’re connected to the same wifi network (and the same chromecast).

Cast my Vote

It’s a nice little thing that got some promises to it, it can get rather nice IF google makes casting your own content easier to it. Today you’re a bit limited since you kinda have to BUY things to do this, the app Avia where you need to buy the chromecast functionality for $2.99).  If you can get this for $35: just get it, it’s not much to think about. Since just the youtube casting part is worth that. If it’s more than $35? like $70? Please don’t, since there’s better things around (or will be).