Don’t like the latest Update?

I’ve seen this more times than I care to remember. We all just like different. I thought that I would debunk a few “myths” around it.

  • No, you can’t simply uninstall update.
  • You can’t remove update with a factory reset

So, how do I get back to the previous version?

That is a bit tricky, and not recommend if you have never done it before. But, you need to “root” your phone. Esp S-OFF is the thing you need, this might void the warranty on your phone and worst case scenario: leave it useless, as in not working at all. This part of it I do NOT recommend at all, since you need to know what you’re doing: have you never rooted and such, don’t start with this.

But, my phone is so slow after the update!!!

That is actually not only the update to blame for, if you have 500 apps on your phone: that by itself is a problem. I recommend you to read THIS.

My recommendation is the following

Make sure the phone is running the update as it was intended, do a factory reset before you complain on facebook about it.

Give it a week to settle on battery. After the factory reset.