Transferring files between computer and Android device

This will be a little guide for those that are either new to android, or just want to learn something new.

Going to cover most ways, perhaps not all cloud storage options but going to cover the most common ways there.


Yes, a regular standard micro-usb cable, one end in phone and the other in the computer. The newer phones like One X and on all uses MTP for connection, same ways as ALL the Nexus devices uses as well. Have windows vista and above and you shouldn’t have much problem with it at all, just connect and use it.

Macs? of course apple will never have native support for a thing that microsoft invented but install this and it will work. WIndows XP? you might want to update your computer a bit, esp since WIndows XP is losing all support from April 2014 (no security updates and so on). I would install linux on a windows xp computer today since it’s so outdated. But, MTP on Win XP works with everything as updated as possible (at least on the XP computer I test with).

Older phones with memory cards, just connect to computer and select “use as disk” (or similar) on your phone and the storage will show up on . Do know that the memory card gets unmounted in the phone so you can’t use phone will it’s mounted to the computer. On newer Android phones MTP is used for this as well, like the One M8.

This shows you how to do it on windows 8 with a One (or similar) that uses MTP.

And if you want to sync Windows Media Player with your One (or any phone with MTP), THIS will help.

Network share

This I use a lot myself, since it’s pretty easy to get. Just doing a regular network on computer, then I use ES file manager on phone/tablet to get to it. WIll do a proper guide on that later.


Google Drive and Dropbox, just install the app on the phone and the client on the computer. And you’ll have a quick way of transferring files, and way of backup as well. Might do a proper write-up on this as well.

 Android SDK – The Geek Way

You need the android sdk tools installed first, or install the minimal adb/fastboot.

This is me pushing a folder called Screenshots from desktop folder on my computer (skrivbord in Swedish). Using a command line, and stand in the correct folder.

adb push screenshot /sdcard/screenshots

This pushes the folder Screenshot from Skrivbord (desktop) folder on computer to Screenshots folder on user storage (sdcard). Just remember to include target-folder as well, as it doesn’t add that by itself.

If you just want to push a file instead, you just use the filename for it.

adb push manual.doc /sdcard/files

Which pushes the file manual.doc to files on user storage.