Bad battery life in your phone?

This I tend to see a LOT of. It’s rarely the battery itself that’s faulty.

So,how do I fix it?

Depends a bit on what’s causing it. But, the following list is the most common reasons

  • Too many apps/games installed. Many of them badly written
  • Apps running all the time. As in a badly written app. Uses too much resources.
  • Phone recently updated to a newer version without doing a factory reset.

Too many apps/games installed
Try reducing the number of apps/games installed. And the type of apps/games installed. If it doesn’t help: Factory reset and be a little careful with what you install.

Apps running all the time
Remove the apps causing it. Be a little careful with what you install. If doesn’t help: Factory reset.

Can it be the actual battery?
Yes it can, but it’s very rare in a phone that’s less than 3 years. But, after a while (like 2-3 years) you simply wear out the battery. My Desire lasted around 3 years on the battery that it came with.

Phone recently updated
Do a factory reset, as that is a known “cure” for having problems around a major update. And: Android 4.2 and above might take a week or so to be stable when it comes to battery, you can’t judge battery life from a single day.

Using the phone a LOT on 4G or playing for hours
Then you need to bring a charger with you or have a battery bank, since that will simply use a LOT of battery. It’s just how it is. Use it less, or be prepared for it.

But, all HTC phones got bad battery life!
No, simple NO. That’s a rumour that doesn’t have much merit behind it. Sure, some phones will have a somewhat less than perfect battery life, but that is for ALL makers and just not htc.

Of course there’s other reasons as well, this is just a starting point.  You have the DQTG as well to help you in this.