Comparison of note apps

Are going to look at a number of note taking apps. Will exclude htc stock note app from this list since you can’t download it from play store and install it on a nexus. This is to be seen as a introduction, and a small guide to what’s around.

Will look at these apps:

  • Google Keep
  • Evernote
  • Simplenote
  • OneNote
  • Springpad

Will compare (more or less just list what they can do) in order of complexity, to go from the simplest to the most feature rich.


Free  / 585KB / Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle and web

This is pretty much as simple as you can do, and still have pretty cool features in it.

It’s a very very basic app for taking simple notes that you can tag and search. That’s about it, but it does it in a pretty nice way. Based on the Simperium framework/API.

Is best with a account.


Free / 2.92MB / Android and web.

It’s a bit more complex and gives you a bit more options what you can add to it. I uses this myself a LOT for shopping lists and short “remember this” notes. This is the best compromise for me, it’s simple enough for quick notes and still got enough features. It’s the default note app in aosp android 4.4. You have more on Keep HERE.

Uses your regular google account.


Free / 21.06MB / Windows 8 (link to, WIndows phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and in Microsoft Office

It’s more complex than both SimpleNote and Keep, it’s divided into notebooks. So you can have several for different uses. Requires a microsoft account ( etc)



Free, with a premium option / 17.21MB / Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, Mac OS X, WIndows desktop, Windows 8 (touch) and web

More features and functions compared to the earlier ones, it uses a notebook type setup like OneNote.



Free / 5.69MB / Android, iOS, Kindle and web

Here you have a plethora of functions and features, it’s a bit like Evernote but I guess that it should be seen as a springboard for all the things you need to do and remember. I felt this a bit cluttered myself, but perhaps because I just need simple type of notes and not the entire kitchen sink like Springpad.

So, which one is best?

That I let you decide yourself, for me Keep is a clear winner since it does JUST what I want. I use it for simple notes and shopping lists, to remember what to get my dad for his birthday.