Things to consider when you get a new phone/tablet

Just a few points that can be important, that can save you money/time/energy and perhaps even tears.

  1. ALWAYS ALWAYS know what you buy. Compare on sites. Ask people that have it what they think about it. Rarely believe what a phone store person tells you, but let them demo the phone for you.
  2. Buy a phone you can afford, in CASH. To speed up updates as bit. If that is important.
  3. Know what you are buying. Yes, it’s that important to list it twice.
  4. Ask around on sites how to get certain things done on it if you’re not used to the system on it. Even before you buy it.
  5. Know where you’re buying it from, since warranty can be tricky (at best) if you’re buying it from a seller not in your country.
  6. Learn your consumer laws. This is very important. Always know your rights around your purchase that under many laws are between you and Seller of the device, it’s rarely maker that have any responsibilities around the purchase (device isn’t what you bought, it’s defective right out of the box and so on).
  7. Enough your new phone! Play with it! Have fun!

You have another post about this which I wrote back in 2012, which you can read HERE

Any points you want to add to this? Let Me Know!