Using Google Drive with Microsoft Office 2013

And the headline should really say “Using Google Drive with Microsoft Office 2013 together with Quickoffice on your Android device”, but that is a bit too long.

The idea here is:

On your desktop computer (windows 7/8) with MS Office 2013 you save directly to Google Drive, and on your device you open it directly with Quickoffice. Doing it this way you save a few clicks.

But, I can’t use Google Drive in MS Office 2013?

That’s correct, you need to add the ability to do so first. I used THIS myself, but those files failed a bit since they’re not adapted to windows 8.1. So, I changed those to work with 8.1 as well (of course, I AM a dev at heart). Those files can be found HERE, so use the guide but use the files from here instead. And: you need google drive and dropbox programs installed on computer BEFORE you add those cloud services to Office 2013.