The Year is Ending and other Rants

Soon 2013 is in the past and 2014 will be the present. Technology moving with the times. New things coming.

2013 was the year of HTC One, as simple as this. I know that some will no agree with me, but regardless if some got issue with pinkish tint in the camera: it’s STILL a very good phone. Pinkish tint being a defect, and not ALL One’s was created that way, many One’s are actually JUST fine.

We saw Android taking small small steps forward, which I think is a good thing. Although some might exaggerate the importance of each little step.  By thinking that you NEED to have the very latest android version on your phone, even when it’s getting old. Sure, it would be nice to always have a phone that gets the very latest (and sometimes somewhat buggy) versions of Android.

Of course there is, you get a Nexus series phone. But, that version on those phones might bear the same name as what you find on a htc phone, but they are not the same. A Nexus phone WILL gain the VERY most from a new Android version since it’s a bug fix for that phone. HTC phones are simply not the same, as you don’t got JUST android bug fixes for things, you have HTC’s fixes on them as well.

HTC might sell a bit less, and perhaps make a bit less money. But, for me: HTC is MY brand. Some people might say just how brand loyal they are  to be a Sony fan 8 months later, to me that just sounds false and made up. HTC is my team. My Obsession. It’s what I spend most of my time on. And I think that HTC will turn it around, they just have to keep doing what they do good, and do less of the stuff they do badly. Easy, huh?

So, what will we see next year from HTC? I hope and think that they’ve taken what they’ve learned from One and makes an EVEN better phone that makes the One looks old and outdated. Like they did with One X .

Android is progress. Android is movement. Accept it. Embrace it. I don’t always like ALL the the bits that HTC puts in their updates, but I know that they keep working on it. It’s not the final decision. I try to see the bigger picture and just not stare myself blind at one thing, things aren’t set in stone, and things can and will change.

Enough of the rants now, now with less Christmas just around corner. More on this later. Have a great night/day/morning!