How to use Pocket with Blinkfeed in Sense 5.5

This is for Sense 5.5 only, it will not work on Sense 5.0, as Sense 5.0 doesn’t have a Read it later function inside Blinkfeed.

What is Pocket?

it’s a tool for making it “read it later” lists which you can access on phone and on other devices. Read more about it on their site¬†

So, how do you do it?

  • You simply install Pocket, and start the app where you sign up and so on.
  • Setup inside Blinkfeed Settings > Reading list, where you set it to Pocket.

And how do I use it?

  • When you open a story that’s on the Blinkfeed system you will see a Read later button on the lower left hand corner.
  • Longpress a Blinkfeed story on the main blinkfeed, select Read later.


That’s it, now you can read things later in Pocket. On phone or computer.