Two months with a Nexus 7 2013

It’s been a good little thing, I’ve never had a single problem on it. At least not a serious problem, I think that I had to restart it once since something didn’t work but that I see as “fully normal”.


Yes, this thing handles games VERY well. I’ve been playing mostly car/racing games on it- Like Asphalt 8, Need for Speed Most Wanted and now GT Racing 2. The graphics and sound in all 3 of those are just WOW.


This is what I’ve used it most for, I’ve clocked MANY hours using Moon+ Reader on it. And this it does perfectly, fully charged you get around 6-8 hours reading time on it (6 hrs is with 100% brightness). With 4.4 you get true full-screen on it as well which was a very nice thing, just nothing that gets in the way when reading on it.


This of course works spotless on it, wifi tethered it against my One when I’m outside and it’s just perfect. Might be handy with LTE in it, but if you have a LTE phone you can just turn on Wifi hotspot on it. Simple and cheaper.


This is where the somewhat simplistic mail app didn’t agree with me really, it just lacks things I’m used to from the Sense mail app. It’s ok, and you get done what you need to, but it’s not anywhere near perfect.


A perfectly sized light-weight 7″ tablet that does even got some power to it, and for the price: it’s perfect. For ME it’s perfect I should say, it fits my needs just perfectly. If you got the cash and need a 7″ tablet for some games and internet and so: This is the one to get.