Alternatives to T9/phone keyboard on One

Didn’t really notice that phone keyboard went missing myself since I haven’t used any of the stock htc keyboards since 2010. But, there are options. SInce it’s on Android, many options even. I would never ever get stuck on what comes with a phone, since you can easy get a different keyboard and perhaps even a BETTER one as you don’t have to do things the same way for 16 years.

Modern type of keyboards

Google Keyboard

This is the keyboard that’s how Google want an Android keyboard to be, this is the keyboard used on Nexus devices. One of the quickest and most correct prediction type keyboards around, with swipe type of typing it can be pretty quick as well and you’ll have no problems using it with just one hand (most qwerty keyboards can be used with one hand when you’re used to it). This is what I use myself, since I see it as the “best” keyboard around. This is what you have on Nexuses with 4.4.

On of the better looking prediction type keyboards, now with trace as well. Several themes in it.



Smart Keyboard
Both qwerty and T9.

Black Bolts Keyboard T9 + Pro

Kii Keyboard
Free/Pay, in-app purchase to Premium
Both qwerty and T9.

Go Keyboard
Both regular and T9 keyboards, a BIT cluttered at times.