The week so far, Nov 28th

Or as I almost called “Rants and other things”. Since it’s gonna be a various things, and a BIT of ranting.

HTC One Google Play Edition (GPE) have gotten 4.4, if you haven’t gotten the OTA you can get the files for it here, with instruction here on how (it’s the same as for a nexus device).

Getting tired of the “brings us micro-sd back”

That is a non-topic/issue for myself. Sure; a micro-sd card can be a cheap way in a medium class phone to give you more than the 4-8GB storage that it got. I however doesn’t see it as a given for a phone like One and such where you already have more than 4GN storage, and you have fast storage that are tuned for the phone, a micro-sd can never be as fast or stable as onboard storage can be. I kinda like the idea for being able to add storage, but I do NOT want to use a method that’s like 10 years old for it. Bring something NEW and improved instead of the old way of doing things.

I know that some doesn’t agree with this, but: give me a technical reason why you should use a micro-sd. And, NO: “since I want more space” isn’t a “technical reason”. It shows that you need to rethink your media use, that’s all. Like: I can’t fit ALL that I want even on 256GB storage, so I need to think a bit about what I want on my phone, and when I do that: I just keep doing it, when I’m going somewhere I of course go through what I have on my devices to see that I have enough books and music with me. And, perhaps swap out a few things and add some more. It’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t take very long. And in the end there’s ONLY stuff on there that I need really/want.

To all the Americans: Happy Thanksgiving!