How you get help on a public Facebook page

Like global HTC or even my page. This is just a lot of common sense. Kinda mixed things a bit here. It’s a bit of a rant as well..

  • Be to the point. Don’t do a 1500 word essay on the matter.
  • Assume that on certain things: Droider will have more knowledge on it than most, I do however not have a deeper understand of Rooting and such: I know enough to get by. If you have such problems: XDA..
  • Don’t go “you destroyed my phone HTC!” as they didn’t. Repair is 99% external companies. “[insert name of service company here] messed up my phone. Help me set it straight” is the correct thing to post.
  • Don’t post a long technical question on the htc page. It’s Facebook, it’s not Support. The people on there aren’t support staff. You would have to contact support anyway if you need repair or such things.
  • Never ever post things in ALL CAPS on public Facebook page. That is wrong on so many levels. No: you don’t get people to read it as it’s bleeping annoying. And: Facebook sees it as Spam and hides your post if you keep at it. Sometimes you post ONCE in all caps and the facebook anti-spam grabs it and hides it from the page admin.
  • Never ever repeat the very same post over and over if you don’t get an answer. Esp if it’s a thing you really should talk with Support about.
  • No, HTC will NOT comment on upcoming phones and rumours/speculation. They will simply not do that. So don’t post such a thing. But, do post what you want to see.
  • Write in English, esp on HTC Global and my page (Swedish is ok on my page as well). Since: No, the HTC global page isn’t “from their headquarters”. It’s managed in an English speaking country. Posting in Spanish or German or French (and so on): you will not get much of a reply.
  • Avoid name calling and whatnot: would you like that someone came to your place of work and yelled at you for something that you didn’t do or that your office is not responsible for.
  • Be nice!
  • If you ask a thing about a phone on my page: mention what phone it is. That helps a LOT…
  • And about 560 other things that I forgot…