My impression of Android 4.4 on a Nexus 7 2013

Let me start by saying: don’t expect miracles from it. Sure, it’s pretty nice and brought some cool things. But, it’s not the gigant leaps that earlier android version brought. It’s a nice step though.


This is what Google says about it themselves. Since I have a wifi-only nexus 7 2013 there’s things that I can’t check (like dialer and such).

There’s not a whole lot change in what you see on the home screen, it pretty much looks the same. Different color on the notification bar is the most obvious change, and new different icons. But, if you download GEL: that is where things looks a bit better (at least in my eyes). 

It’s pretty familiar in Settings as well, although there’s been some remodelling and new additions to it.

In Home you now have a very handy way to jump between launchers.  And you have a very interesting feature in Tap & Pay, sadly those options to use it (like Google Wallet) isn’t available in my country (Sweden).

Rest doesn’t give you many surprises, but Location perhaps does since you can now have it in different modes (High accuracy, Battery Saving or Device only). And you see at a glance just what’s using it and how.

How does it feel?

It pretty much feels like it did before, perhaps a bit smoother. I’ve heard from others that it fixed any problems they had with random reboots and such, didn’t have any such problems myself when I was on 4.3 tho. And, i haven’t tried using ART instead of Dalvik (Settings > Developer Options > Select Runtime), which some say gives you a boost in performance.

I like the small bits in it, like when you have a full screen app that covers the entire screen including the buttons. So, now my e-book reader is truly fullscreen which just looks better. You just swipe down from top to have a small notification bar and buttons back.

Did I miss anything?

Let me know!