What is MTP?

Instead of using usb in mass storage mode like on the older phones,  most/all htc phones (and all Nexus devices) from 2012 (android 4.1 and up) and onwards uses MTP mode for usb connections.

So, what IS MTP?

Stands for Media Transfer Protocol and is developed by Microsoft.

WIll cover a few “myths” about mtp:

There is no way to get my music to my phone without using sync manager and it sucks!
Nope, not correct one bit. I agree that sync manager sucks. But, you can still just connect your phone to your computer and transfer things just like you did with usb mass storage mode (almost the same way I should say).  But, it depends on what computer you’re having: people with old windows (xp) or mac (they want you to buy an iphone), you need to install extra bits to get MTP to properly work.

MTP only works with sync manager and it sucks.
Again: nope, with the right computer (or the correct things installed) it’s drag and drop. As it’s a microsoft thing, and with windows vista and above you have native support for it.

But: MTP works best with Windows, on macs you’re a bit limited by apple since they don’t want you to use mtp since it’s from microsoft.

What you can do with MTP (on a windows computer)

Did I miss anything?
Let me know if I did.