Things I’ve noticed – Part Two

It’s not really a secret that I like HTC and prefer HTC, some call me “biased” but then them that calls me that is OFTEN far more “Biased” in some direction themselves. HTC is my brand. Simple as that. I don’t trick you in this, what you see is what you get: I look like a htc geek, I am a HTC geek. Simple.

I often see on the htc global and uk facebook pages that people are referring to how much better samsung is. Really? You say? Take a look at the Samsung Mobile UK facebook page, where you have the same things but worse really. A phone made as cheaply and fast as possible (samsung gs4), and you wonder why it fails? Or any of the other cheaply made Samsung phones, you expect a phone made in as cheap way as possible with as generic components as possible to be “good”? Why you think they still got removable batteries and micro-sd card slot? Since it’s cheaper to make, it’s generic components.

And, No: not all HTC phones are bad since yours are, that logic simply doesn’t work. SInce then ALL iphones are bad (and samsung, lg, motorola, zte, just all brands), since sadly a % of devices made WILL be faulty (more or less). It’s the same thing with all things you make. If it happens to a new Audi or Mercedes, it will of course happen with a MUCH cheaper phone. So far they can’t clone phones, and until they can, all things being manufactured can sadly have defects. Why? lets say that their soldering machine develops a SLIGHT imperfection, and before they can catch it: it might have produced some solders that are less than perfect but still very hard to detect as “faulty”. Or, the person putting the pieces together have a bad day. Or a chip have a slight defect from the maker of it, as htc doesn’t manufacture all parts themselves (like all makers). Some brands doesn’t have have their own factories and stuff, but that is a different story.  If you think HTC are “worse” than any of the other makers; you need to rethink that.

So, your phone break: what do you do? First off: I would URGE you to learn your Consumer RIghts in the country where you live, like “Sale of Goods Act” in UK which protects your purchase (between you and seller, it’s not between you and the maker). If a UK seller says “sorry, we can’t replace your phone since it’s 29 days old. Our store policy is 28 days”. Then you flick over to “sale of goods act” which gives you 6 month, what do you think wins? Of course law does. During the first 6 months, is the Seller that have to prove that the fault in your device wasn’t there when they sold it. After 6 months: you have to prove it. Which you can’t, which means repair. In the UK, a seller SHOULD replace your phone without much hassle in the first 6 months of it’s life. And no: a seller (store, network, whatever) can NOT repair your phone over and over as well: more than 3 times, check your consumer laws,  as that under EU law is replacement or refund (might not be fully how it works in the UK, so check). Just: KNOW your facts, know your consumer laws since you can count on the Seller to NOT know it. Or: count on you NOT knowing it. Or simply contact HTC to have it repaired.