Getting started with Google Keep

Google Keep is simply an app to Keep your notes in, and since it now is a part of Android 4.4, I think that more and more will use it. I use it ALL the time myself, since my I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached the way it is.

Google Keep is a rather simple note taking app, but since it comes with cloud sync and with a desktop friendly site and even a mobile friendly site: it’s a very useful tool to simply help you remember what you need to get from the grocery store and so on.

First you (at least now pre 4.4) install it from play store, if you already done that: get yourself a coffee while the rest does.

When you start the Keep app you have 3 tabs that contains Notes, Archive and Reminders. The first is obviously where your notes end up. Archive is where you put notes that you don’t want directly displayed in Notes but don’t want to delete. Reminders is simply where you see notes with reminders attached, and when you create a new note in Reminders tab: a reminder is attached, default is “tomorrow morning”.

So, how do you add a Note?

When you open Keep the default tab is Notes, so it’s simply just to select the type of note you want to create.

You have four different types of notes (from left to right)

  • Plain
  • Tickboxes
  • Voice
  • Photo

Is pretty much what it sounds. If you don’t write that much on the note it gets displayed in a rather large font on the notes page.

Again is what it sounds like, for like shopping lists or whatever you want to use it for

This was a pretty cool function, I thought that was just to insert a simple voice note. But, it inserts your recorded voice note AND the transcripted text of your text note. I couldn’t get it to switch to english so my example is a bit “bad” , google translate it if you want.

simple asks you to select a photo or to take a photo, you can insert text under it as well.

You can attach a photo to all the different types of notes as well, just not the photo note.

How to:


So, the way to add a Note is simply to select the basic type of note you want. Add the information you want to to it, and with the note open select color for it on with the palette tool or insert a photo.

On the bottom part you have Reminder where you can select either time reminder or location reminder, time got preset settings like “Morning” but also where you can select the time you want. Location is simply location, where you add the address or place to where you want to be reminded. And that is pretty much it, it’s easy to edit note. Just open it.

You can later long press one or more notes and for all of those set color, reminder and send to archive. And delete them as well under Menu.

It’s a pretty simple app that still can keep up with most needs really, this is the only note app I use myself. Mostly since it’s a Google app-

You can handle your notes on and that works and looks ok on most mobile browsers as well as on computer.

That was it

Pretty much, it’s not a very hard app to use. Just play around with it a bit. And, as usual: LET ME KNOW if I’ve missed something or if there’s something to add.