Getting Started with Google Now

So, what is Google Now really?
Google says “your information when You need it”, and that is pretty much what it is and does. If you have done a google search on your chrome desktop browser (important, since you need to be logged in with the same google account as on your phone), like about an address or pharmacy or so.

That will show up on your Google Now page on your phone. So: what You need when You need it. Assuming it works as it should, and you’re in a country where it got enough data sources to be useful.

So, what do I need to use Google Now?

  • First you need a phone with Android 4.1 and above, you can’t just add the app for it as that will simply not work. You can of course install it on your ios device of course, but I will NOT cover that part here for obvious reasons.
  • Define Home and Work addresses in Google Maps as that will be used to show you how quickly you can be at home, as a card with travel time home.
  • Using a computer (when you don’t use your phone) with Chrome as browser, and logged in with the same google account as on your phone. This will turn Google Now into a really useful tool.

How do I start it?

Depends on what phone you’ve got, with One X/X+ the default setting is long-press on the Home button. One can have different settings for it, I have “swipe up over Home button”. On One you check settings for it under Settings > Display, gestures and buttons > Home.

When you start it the first time you get asked to Get Google Now!, click on “yes, I’m in” and just follow the guide. It tells you how it works, with some hints and stuff. Then it’s just to use it.

Hints to make Google Now useful

  • Add a valid address to your meetings, that will get Google now information where meetings are and then it can show you when you have to leave for to get in time to the meeting (very useful). Just add as much information as possible.
  • In Settings for Google Maps you have “Edit home or work”, where you set home and work addresses. This will help Google Now to know where you are and should be and things.
  • Logged into with google account on Chrome desktop browser, then Google Now will see your google searches for sports teams and such.

Swiped away my weather card and I just can’t get it back! Or similar issues where Google now just doesn’t “behave”.
Swiped away the weather card happened for me, and you just can’t seem to get it back so that it sticks but only changes in weather and so. When similar things happens, turn OFF Google Now and restart it. That seems to be the quickest way to “reset” it. On the Google Now page: Menu > Settings > Google Now > OFF, which turns it off and then you just enable it again. And it should just work again.

Something you’re missing in this guide? Let Me Know