How you use Wifi Direct on HTC One

Some say that HTC One doesn’t fully do Wifi Direct but it does, it just lacks the app for it. Which means that it’s rather easy thing to fix really.

But, samsungs doesn’t have to install an app for it!
But samsungs can only do it to OTHER samsungs. So, be careful with what you wish for. This way on the One (and other htc phones that got it like one x/x+ and so on), you can actually use it against other brands of phones since you’re not stuck with a certain “solution”.

So, what is Wifi Direct?
It’s simply that you use Wifi to make a connection directly between two devices, making the transfer speed MUCH faster than bluetooth or such.

So, how do you do it?
simple as this: install SuperBeam on both phones you want to use, I’ve used a One and Nexus 7 2013. since I know that both got the wifi direct framework.

First you make sure that both devices got wifi turned OFF since then the SuperBeam app turns on true wifi direct and doesn’t piggyback on the wifi network which works too of course but true wifi direct is faster.

Find what you want to share (since that is how it works) and share it to SuperBeam, and on the SuperBeam share page you either tap devices together with NFC (method I used) or scan the code. That’s pretty much it, I got speeds of around 45Mbit/s from One to Nexus 7 2013. So it works just fine. The screenshot shows when connection is closing so it doesn’t show the top speed of it.