Things with Nexus 7 2013 (2nd gen) that I Love

There’s more in that little thing to love than to not like I can tell you.


Compared to my old flyer it’s VERY light with it’s 290 grams. It’s easy to hold it, in like any position.

The Screen

Oh, the screen. A full HD (1920 x 1200) IPS panel, gives you soo nice viewing pleasure on it. Now when I’m a BIT sore after crashing bike, it’s perfect for movies (I use an app called Viaplay, like netflix but swedish).

The power

It plays Asphalt 8 without any kind of lag, it just powers through things without breaking a sweat. Sure, it gets a bit warm but not that bad.


Yes,  stock google calendar app have won me over. At least on the nexus as it’s big and big UI, it’s very easy to use.  And, one very good thing with using Google Calendar app on more than one device is that you handle calendar notifications dismissals across all your devices. So when you get alerted for a meeting and you dismiss that notification,  you dismiss it on ALL devices.

What I think

If you want a 7″ android based tablet now, you really don’t need to look any further. Sure, it got tiny “things”. Too small to call bugs, but nothing that will really annoy you.  Battery life is pretty good on it. Sure, if you play games for 3 hours: you might drain it a bit but that is the same with all devices. I really like it.