Backup and restore messages in Sense 5

We’re talking One and One X/X+ and those with Sense 5.

It’s a rather simple process, but for it to properly work like I’ve described (using mail) you need to have a configured mail account in the stock mail account as it doesn’t work with anything else.

Tip: if you have messages in Secured box and want them backed up as well: move them out of the secured box as those are NOT included in the backup processes. Just move them back to Secure when you’re done.

Back up

In Messages, you go to Menu > Back up/Restore SMS, where you in first step select Back up.

Now you need to select how to back up, to either mail or storage on phone.


Alt A
If you select “backup SMS” it saves to phone storage in a folder called sms_backup so you need to rescue that folder off the phone if you want to move it to another phone or just wipe it clean.

Alt B
If you select “Backup SMS via mail” the first step need to be that you have a configured mail account (which I’ve covered already). This method is the easier of the two as you don’t need to save something off the storage as you by mailing do it. Just select a mail address to send it to, or several even. What it does is to send a mail to the address selected and include a file that contains the actual backup. And just send it. That’s pretty much it.


Depending on what method you selected ín the backup phase the process is a bit different.

Alt A
Make sure that you got the folder sms_backup on phone storage, and just select Back up/Restore > Restore. On the “restore settings” you select “keep all”, and after clicking Next you select the backup you want to restore (in case you have several, like me). Click OK and and it will restore the messages. Done. Simple.

Alt B
Make sure that you have a configured mail account in the stock mail app on the phone, and simple send back the mail with the backup file. If you use outlook on computer to send back, just don’t “reply” as that doesn’t include attached files but use “redirect” instead as that includes attached files. So: simply send the file back to phone .

Open the mail that contains the backup file, and simple click the attached file and it will show you the backup file where you can simply select it and it will restore the messages. Done.