A few things about the Nexus 7 2013 (2nd gen) that I didn’t like

I can start with the biggest thing that I really really miss in it, and the rest are just really to point the finger to specific things.

There’s no Sense in it
I know that some don’t want that, but for me: it’s what I actually want and more specificly it’s those tiny little things in Sense that makes it good and useful

No Text Reflow in browser
Making a bit harder to read text and zoom around in it compared to a phone with sense function Text Reflow which i’m just VERY used to. There’s perhaps browser around that can do this, but haven’t looked yet. Let me know if you know of a browser that can do this.

Calendar is a bit “too google” compared to what I’m used to, but I might get used to it.

 Little “things”
Wifi just stopped working for a while, no idea why. Just did. Things that I wouldn’t call “bugs” but “almost bugs”. Not annoying enough though.

That *beep* power button
Haven’t learned yet just where it is, and being placed on the edge of it. Kinda wrapped around the curved edge: it’s not where you think it is. But, again: not a major thing and I’ll get used to it sooner or later I think.

It’s not a bad little thing. Games and such it handles VERY VERY well,  Sprinkle Island is VERY nice on it. That display and overall performance makes it a NICE gaming device.

So: Droider Likes