First look at: Nexus 7 2013 (2nd gen)

I know that I’m a bit late to the party, but this tablet got on sale here in Sweden Oct 4th if you didn’t import already.

So, why a Nexus 7? You’re hardcore HTC dude!
Multiple answers to this, but one of the reason was that I was very curious of how plain android is on a Nexus device. How everything fits together, just how it feels. And, that it’s a Asus: which is the main reason why I got into Android phones in the first place. Since I had a Asus netbook in 2008 and that got me thinking “I really want a phone with Linux on it”. Looked around at what was around but nothing really caught my eye (and I was broke as well, that never helps). But, in early 2010 HTC released the Desire. That was it. I had to have one. And: that is why I now got a Nexus 7. Easy, huh? And I needed a new tablet as well, so there’s just not one reason.

WIll not bore you with the all specs on it
But, here you got it

But, back to the Nexus 7. How does it feel?
It feels very good to hold, material feels a bit like 8X just a tiny bit smoother. Placement and angle of power and volume buttons are a BIT tricky to get used to since they’re angled and placed in the curve towards the back of it, but the buttons reacts nicely. Overall it feels compact despite being way larger than my phones.

How’s the display?
It’s just GORGEOUS on it, full HD IPS display.  Very nice colours.  I kinda miss Sense on it, but the blue stock look is pretty nice even though I wouldn’t mind a more sense 5 look on things (will try launchers later, now I just want to try it au naturelle).



How does it sound? Heard that it had franhaufer sound stuff in it?
Yeah, it actually sounds pretty good. Perhaps not on the up there with beats audio in One, but it’s not bad.

So, how’s your ruling on it?
I have to say that I like it, I might get used to it not having Sense but I do have my One to fill that need as well. So far: me like.

End of this for now
But, I will get back to it when I’ve used it a bit more and really got to know it. In the meanwhile: if there’s anything you want to know about it: Let me know!