Soon 3 weeks with 4.2.2/Sense 5 on One X+

Can start with saying that I didn’t have much problems with at all, it just works. But: I did do two factory resets on it. Why 2? to see just what htc backup could do, missed to check it the first time.

How does it differ to Sense 5 on One?

What it got that One sense 5 doesn’t

  • Location apps is still on the One X/X+
  • Extra option to choose between Traditional and Blinkfeed home screens under  Settings > Personalize > Home screen
  • Flip for speaker under Settings > Sound (One got speakers on the front)
  • Fixed Dialing Numbers under Settings > Call
  • Android keyboard under Language & Keyboard as default installation, it’s called “google keyboard” on other devices where you have to install it.
  • Settings for Recent apps button, as One doesn’t have a dedicated recent apps button

What it doesn’t have that One sense 5 got

  • Zoe mode in camera
  • Double-click speed, under Settings > Display, gestures & buttons
  • Settings for Home button
  • Kid mode

This is just pure software differences, there is of course other differences in hardware and such as well (like boomsound, but that is speakers and such so I will not cover that). This is what I could find now, if you know of more differences. Let me know!