Revisited: Having problem with phone after update?

Tends to see this as lot around large updates, like now with 4.2.2/sense 5 for one x/x+. Have written about this before, but will try to cover a bit more this time.

Of course: can be a serious problem often it’s “just” that you need a factory reset to sort it out. It’s rarely something big and complex that causes it.

No, it’s most likely not a bug. The issue that only you can find on your phone.
Issue is often with apps and such installed to the phone prior to the update.
Try with factory reset. If the issue is still there, and can be replicated by others: Congrats! you’ve found a bug!

But my battery is draining quicker than before! It’s a bug!
Eh, nope. It’s not. It’s most likely because you have apps and other things doing this, not unusual that it might be a little incompatible with the new update. Solution? Factory reset!

All my photos/videos went missing! It’s a bug!
See above. This if often due to some issues with “something”, phone doesn’t index things correctly. Connect phone to computer, and check that your photos truly are in the DCIM folder (just in case). Often a soft reset is what it needs, sometimes you need to backup your stuff and factory reset.

But! I’ve read on XYZ that it’s a a bug!
If it can’t be replicated on other phones, and it goes away after a factory reset. Sorry, not a bug.

Then: why does this happens on some phones after an update? 
Easy answer to it: incompatibility with apps already installed on the phone. It can of course be many reasons. But, it’s often the simple little reasons.

But it only happens on HTC phones!!
No, it doesn’t. When you update a system, like a computer from windows 7 to windows 8 you can have all sorts of problems due to you’re having things that’s almost compatible with the new system you’ve updated to. If you have a messed up system before the update, chances are that it will be even more messed up after.

Installed 4.3/sense 5.5 on my One and now sharing and such doesn’t work! Help!
That is actually a bug, in Developer Options. You can change whatever you feel like under Developer options: but do NOT (at least right now) turn Animations OFF as that will bring problems. Turn all Animations to 1 and restart phone, and it should all be working. That is fixed now in the 4.4.2 update.

And no, you can’t get rid of the update by doing a factory reset since you think it looks ugly and says that you didn’t get any notice for it. Despite sense 5 have been around since feb 2013, and there’s plenty of material about it on the interwebz.

Sure: this is of course times when a factory reset will NOT fix it. Updates tends in some phones “wake up” some faults that have been present but not noticed, in those odd cases: you need to talk with htc support.

So, boys and girls: the lesson we learned from this is?

If in doubt: FACTORY RESET!