Recovering a Sense 5 HTC Phone

Meaning a backup followed by factory reset and restore.

This method works on a device with Sense 5 (One, One Mini, One X+ with 4.2.2/sense 5, One X ,with 4.2.2/sense 5, and other phones equipped with sense 5). Did it on a One X+ myself.

Edit 2: of course this works on a Sense 5.5 phone as well.

Edit: it backups settings and mails and such, but it doesn’t backup game data for candy crush and so on (at least my One X+ didn’t). But, you can pretty easy  backup game data with Helium. And, it restores home screen settings last. So, don’t worry about it looking standard in the beginning, you get a notification about it.

You of course need to read and gets all steps in the correct order for everything to work, but it’s not that hard. Just take your time, since this WILL take TIME.

I tend to backup photos and such manually to computer just in case, they’re stored under the DCIM folder. Simply drag over the stuff you need to your computer. Since One and newer htc phones uses MTP you need support for it on your computer, read more about that HERE. And I have all my contacts and calendar events in the google cloud so I really don’t need to back that up.

First off: you NEED wifi for this as there will be lots of data backed up and restored.

And: I am not sure if this way backups your texts, so back that up just in case in the Message app: Menu > Backup/Restore SMS.  Yeah, it backs up sms so no need to manually do it as well. But, doesn’t hurt.

You need a working Dropbox account for this to work at all, as HTC Backup uses Dropbox.

First , you need to set up HTC Backup on your phone (if you haven’t done it already).
With that done, you just have to start with the backup. Don’t worry, if you forget to do it now you will get asked about it when you do the factory reset.
Settings > Backup & Reset

Doing a backup by clicking on Backup now takes about 5-15 mins.

Next step is to do the actual factory reset, which will remove all the apps installed and such. You get a list on what it will remove, before you Ok it.

Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset phone

Just be aware of the last part of it, where you have “Erase all data”. If you want to keep your photos and such DO NOT tick that box.

If you haven’t done a backup you will get asked and can do it even at that point.

After the phone restarts after the actual factory reset, you will have to set up your phone again. Some parts will go much quicker since you can restore much of it with HTC Backup. You still have to set up wifi and such, since you need a connection to retrieve your backup from Dropbox

You select Restore, transfer, or important content when you get asked “How do you want to set up the phone?”

In the next step you select “Restore from HTC Backup”, then you just follow the guide where you select the latest backup for your phone and so on.

After a while you get a box telling tell that all settings was restore, do notice that htc backup do NOT add your google account. I think this is for some google reason, but it’s just to add it but be sure that you untick “Restore from my Google Account to this phone” since that will otherwise overwrite some of the things htc backup restored.

After that is done, the phone will start to recover apps and settings and so on. It will recover your home screen and such as well. This will take  a while (or 2) so make sure that you aren’t in a hurry when doing this.

Did I miss anything? let me know!