Problems with phone after update?

Talking about the 4.2.2/sense 5 update for One X/X+ that’s rolling out now. I’ve had it on my One X+ a bit over a week now and it just works fine. Haven’t found any bugs or “imperfections” on it so far.

But, I have so many problems with the update!
It’s rarely you have problems with the actual update, it’s MUCH MUCH more common to have issues caused with apps already installed on your phone. This isn’t just “htc being bad at doing updates”, as I’ve seen, this is a common thing from updating a system with the various things already installed on it. 

After a big update like that: I always always recommend an factory restore to set the update right.  Backup your things and just DO IT!

But! I will lose everything on my phone!
No, you will not lose a thing if you back it up first. With sense 5 on One X/X+ you have HTC Backup that does that to your dropbox and then you can restore it back.

Just keep in mind that you need to backup some stuff manually: like sms/mms. In sense 5 you have “backup/restore SMS” in the Message app under Menu.

You have Helium that backups your app data, in similar ways to HTC Backup.

Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset phone
That will clear all things installed to your phone but it will NOT delete your photos and so on. If you want to delete that too, tick Erase all data