Things I’ve noticed

During my years on various facebook pages, both my own and htc global and htc uk. And want to clear up a few things, and things to avoid.

“why did you remove my question htc??”
There’s a good chance that htc didn’t do that, unless you wrote a very derogatory post. Or a very rude, or in other ways didn’t respect htc or the people on the page. Then it will get deleted, if it’s REALLY bad. 9.9 out of 10 times it’s facebook, esp if you’re look at it from a phone or tablet. Or it just shows up 4 hours later. So, if you tell htc where they can stuff their phones: well, do I need to tell you what will happen?

Repeating your post will get your post hidden. By facebook. So, if you post long rants over and over. And get upset that you htc doesn’t answer: you’ve posted yourself into shame. And by hidden I mean that the page admins doesn’t see it, you and others might see it.

USING ALL CAPS IN YOUR POST WILL GET IT HIDDEN. By facebook, for being spam. I see this myself on my page now and then. Esp if you have done it before, facebook will start to autohide things you post on public page and not always other things you post in all caps. You and your friends see it: nobody else.

Assume that htc gets TONS of posts and questions, it’s pretty hard to keep track of it all. Don’t assume that they “don’t care”, assume that they haven’t seen it. Do NOT post the same, as it might fall in under the previous things. In short: they don’t see it.

HTC will not answer rumours about rumoured phones. Will not. End.

Asking the same question [about updates] will not get you a better/different answer 5 hours later. Rephrase if you feel like you need to ask, but know that you will not get a date/time for when YOU have the update.

Using a link to XDA to prove your issue. Will just not work, as your issue might be something very different. If you have problems with camera or display or such: record things yourself and show, don’t use others as it doesn’t really prove a thing.

This isn’t everything, but if you just follow a few of the things above you will have a better experience.