Dropped my One

My first reaction was “f**k, it gotta be dead” as it landed on the side-walk, bounced on the back upper right hand corner, after it slide out of pouch I managed to hold the wrong way. Picking it up I expected major damage, like corner seriously crushed and display all shattered.

Just:  wasn’t. The corner had a bit of damage, and some scratches on back/other corner. That was all, display didn’t get a scratch. Everything just works (and still does like a week later). After being dropped from waist height onto tarmac/asphalt. I’m 185 cm short, so about 1 meter.

So, someone telling you that One is fragile should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Or two. But, sure: if my phone landed in a different angle it might have ended up with display and stuff damaged.

Used a bit of fine-grain (600 or so) sandpaper to smooth out the corner a bit, and will fill the little mark with something as well (like gel super-glue or something).

I’m glad that I didn’t drop an iPhone or similar. That would have ended in tears.

So, what did I learn from this? to either use a case for it, or a pouch that fits snugly or in some way restricts phone from slide out. I got a shocksock for it since I prefer pouches. And that HTC One is pretty sturdy.