To edit or not to edit

We’re talking about photos taken with really any type of camera, regardless if it’s in a phone or being a far more costly dslr.

But, let’s focus on phones know since that is what im and this page is about (mostly). For me personally there is always moments where you get more out of the photo when you edit it a bit, either straighten out the horizon a bit (that I do at times) . Or to change colors or add effects or what ever your imagination tells you to do. Since its simply about how you want it to look.

Even the full time professionals edit their photos, or have an assistant that does it for them. Sometimes edit hard to fit an “artistic expression” or certain look. Art is art and can be accomplished in many many ways.

We all like different. Da Vinci and such always played around with their art before they reached the certain look they wanted, and I’m sure that Mr Da Vinci today would be pretty good at Photoshop.

What do you think?