Why benchmarks doesn’t really matter

Sure: for some benchmarks will always be very important but it’s simply not the entire story. A benchmark just can’t show how a phone will behave in everyday life, which the gs4 is a good example of.

What is a benchmark really? It’s simple a battery of test, that checks how fast a certain procedure can be completed. Like doing complex formulas and such. It simply tests a certain few things within a rather small area.

Sure, a benchmark can be a rather useful tool to check if your device is doing ok. Like if it all of a sudden gives you a bechmark like half of what it used to, then there’s perhaps something wrong. That is where I think that we should really focus our use of benchmarking tools.

“But my gs4 is faster than your One! “. Yes, benchmarks might give you that idea, but in real life use it’s apparently not faster.

Edit: Sure, benchmarks is of course a part of it. It will tell you if your device is doing good, that’s pretty much what it does. It doesn’t say that if your score is 10% better than mine: that your phone will be 10% faster. It just says that the benchmark score was 10% better, and that my phone in reality can be 10% faster.

This very good article its worth a read http://pocketnow.com/2013/07/23/benchmark-scores