What’s new in 4.2.2 for One

4.2.2 started going live here in Sweden (and rest of the nordic countries a few hours ago), and of course I installed it just as quick as humanly possible.

It’s good, that’s the first thing you notice. It’s still on sense 5.0, it’s android 4.2.2 that’s new and a bunch of new things around in sense 5 as well.

Android 4.2.2
Kinda obvious.

Launcher bar enhancement
You can now drag shortcuts from your regular screen down to the launcher bar. You don’t have to be at app drawer to change launcher bar icons.

Two finger swipe on notification bar
Brings you directly to quick settings

Widget panel rearrangement
Looks a bit different when you add widgets/shortcuts.

Added wallpaper style
Computer photos, which lets you connect to start.htc.com/wallpaper and with a code connect to your phone and set wallpaper directly to your phone from your computer. You can upload a photo directly to the phone with the page. Pretty cool function.

New lock screen style: Widget
Simply use select widgets on a lock screen, includes Google Now and such google adapted lock screen widgets. Not just any widget.

New styles in Highlight
6 new styles/songs with new improved selector.

Enhanced Home button behaviour
You can now set Hom button to also act as Menu so the 3 dots bar is gone. Flick up for Google Now and so on. Finally!

Battery level in % in status bar
Settings > Power, does what it sounds. Again: Finally!

Quick settings panel
12 default settings from new flip button on upper part of notification bar, gives you 12 fixed quick settings.

AE/AF lock feature in Camera
Lock exposure/Focus on viewfinder screen by longpressing where you want AE/AF lock.

Android Daydream
A kind of  screensaver you can set to activate when you charge your phone and such.

Music channel scene selection
You can now manually select the scene you want to use, or set it at random as it is default.

Added services to Blinkfeed
You can now add Instagram and LinkedIn to it.

4.2.2 notification area changes
Like with sense tv active, you see a preview of current shows.

Gallery changed
You can now hide facebook and such in Albums, or view all facebook and such under Friends

Developer options
Under Settings are now hidden, you enable it by going to Settings > About > Software version > More.. where you touch Build number 7 times. Which will give you a count down, and then say “you’re now a developer”. And Developer Options are back!



I’m sure that I’ve missed a few things here. Let me know if you find things I’ve failed to list here. Thanks!