Droider supports HTC

I know that some will think that I’m crazy now “but, they just cancelled One S sense 5 update. How can you support htc?”. Just because of that I will support HTC.

Sure, I did NOT like that news at all I can tell you. And I think that it’s a serious mistake the way it’s been handled. I agree with you that are a disappointed in this, I suffer with you in this mess.

But, HTC is MY brand. I’m an hardcore fan. For me HTC is MY team, a team that messes up a bit in the season but it’s still YOUR team and you wouldn’t even DREAM of going to another team since it’s YOUR team. HTC is my obsession.

And I will support them when they need it the most (like now). HTC have made a mistake in this, but for me HTC is human and humans makes mistakes at times. And: I stick to people. I trust people (even when I shouldn’t). You need to look at the bigger picture now than to just zoom in on this little thing, yes: it’s really a little thing.  Blowing it out of all proportions will not help. Sure, if you want to move to samsung and seriously move down when it comes to innovations and brilliance: be my guest. I will just see it as slightly silly since you moves to a company known for crappy updates, and wasn’t updates important here?

Or am I missing the point completely here? is it really about something else?  all the “i hate htc” post I see on facebook. Perhaps it’s just venting and really means something else? I don’t really get it. I don’t get all the anger and hatred. Around an update, for a cell phone. I understand that people will a bit cheated, but don’t get dragged into mass-psychosis over this.

So: HTC is my brand. Period.