Quick-tips for HTC One

Just a few things that might be useful. For HTC One of course.

To quickly get back to the top of blinkfeed
or app drawer (I think it works on most lists), simple touch the notification bar. That’s it.

Adapt grid size of app drawer
Menu > Grid size > and chose 3×4 or 4×5

Phone too power hungry when you’re on 4G LTE?
Set it to “just” 3G to preserve battery if battery is more important than speed for the moment.
Settings > Mobile data > Network mode > GSM / WCDMA auto. To have auto 4G LTE just set it to GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto again. This will make sim-card to reset a bit, might take a few minutes for things to work properly.

Done a screenshot and it doesn’t show up in Gallery?
When you’re in “my photos”: In the top left hand corner, select Albums instead Events to see each album on the phone.

Quick post onto Facebook/Twitter from Blinkfeed
Just touch the Pen icon and you will get a window where you can type up your post. Of course you need to have facebook/twitter set up first.

Set home screen
Long-press on regular screen or pinch-zoom on blinkfeed. Long-press on the page in the upper part of screen, drag to “set as home screen”. Done.