Droider pages turns 3!

Yes, 3  years old. Who would know that my little hobby would still be around 3 years later. I though that the Desire was pretty amazing when it came. Now it’s clearly a 3 year old phone, a phone-year is like 5.5 human years at least.

Droider got started as ‘Androider’ between April 16th and 20th 2010, just a tiny little blog I started since I had to learn wordpress at the time for another project and I just couldn’t find what I wanted to read about Desire. So, I started a blog. Pretty much the only way if you want to learn how a blog really works. It got it’s own domain in august of 2010, but androider was taken on swedish .se domain so I had a 4 min thinking and just cut “an” from it. That was really it. Not that I like SW or anything (I kinda do tho).

It’s been a wild ride these years. The facebook page Droider.se I just got since the host I had for droider.se was pretty sucky and the site went down like at least once a day. So, the facebook was purely a backup. That got more and more attention from me and others. And it quickly outgrew the page. There was an idea for a while to create a page around One series of phones, but I quickly scrapped that idea since I’m in this for the long haul and I just like this page as well. There’s a cool mix of people here, sometimes the odd samsung lover but those are welcomed as well. As long as they behave…

What’s next? To just keep doing my thing. Droider keeps doing the same. Regardless what phones are around. HTC fan page and crowd “support” or what to call it. A page for me and others that love HTC phones. Period.