App: Timesheet with NFC add-on

This the best timesheet/time-tracker app I’ve ever used, and even if it’s free you have no ads in it. You have some paid add-ons for it as well.

Not really sure just how I found it, but I just wanted a time-tracker with NFC support so I can just swipe an nfc tag and just get started whatever the project maybe. From tracking how long I spend on the pages or something you help others with.

This Timesheet can do, together with the free NFC add-on for it. It’s a very simple app, but if you dig around it’s pretty feature-rich. Esp for being an FREE app.

What do you need to get the NFC to work with it? Of course a phone with NFC in it, like One X or the new One. And a nfc-tag of some kind, I’ve got one of those keyfob type things with my keys. If you need to clean the nfc tag first I recommend NXP tagwriter which got Clean under Tools.

It was pretty easy getting started with it, and with everything setup like you want it. All you have to do to to start to record your time is simply to swipe the nfc tag, and the app just starts. And when you’re done you just swipe it again and you get a window where you can add notes on what you did and so and just save it.  NFC tag is for start or stop of the project so you have to go into the app and manually press Pause if you need to add a break to it.