Connect things to a One X

Things via USB I should say. This would idea came from someone saying something about floppy disks after I’ve mentioned it here in a post.

So: what does a Cwazy Swede do? well, he finds an old USB floppy disk drive that was just gathering dust of course. And begins an HUNT for a floppy disk, that wasn’t easy to find one I can tell you. But, I did find ONE after like 20 mins.

And connected floppy drive to One X via a standard USG OTG adapter that I’ve gotten from ebay for like $1. The drive indicated that it was alive a bit, so I went into Settings > Storage and mounted it. And: it was ALIVE! My One X was reading a FLOPPY DISK! Imagine the¬†possibilities! That you can storage HALF a photo on a disk. WOW!

Then it dawned on me: “I have an micro-sd card reader here somewhere. Lets find it. And stick the 16GB card in it”. Did that. Worked of course flawless. So: One X with micro-sd card. DONE!

Edit: Of course this works with One X+ as well, and on One. And any other phones with USB Host, including One S (with 4.1.1).